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Talk a walk down memory lane with us as we show you the evolution of the product and its popularity!  Why are we showing you this?  Simple, people and companies are always coming out with the latest and greatest product.  Critter Skimmer has been doing it, and quite frankly doing it better than anyone for the last 13+ years!

If you ever wondered what it took to bring a product to market, here you go!

Shark Tank


That was us!  Our invite to Los Angeles and to try out for Shark Tank!  What a whirlwind experience.  I will say looking back, very intimidating.  Although we were not picked to be on the show, it was an honor to stand in front of the “sharks” and present!!

Saving frogs with a simple idea


Yes, that is us! At IPSE, the International Pool Show Exhibit. We took home some hardware! The Best New Product! We love when “insiders” of the industry see the value we bring to consumers! (click to see the full version of the image).


Best New Product


There it is, 1st Place!

New Product Pavilion Winners - Critter Skimmer


The driving force behind our product has always been, eco-friendly. Saving little critters from an untimely demise. We wanted the best of both worlds, something to care for animals and for pool owners themselves! (click to see the full version of the image).

Pree page


Yes, it is always nice when your home town newspaper gets the word of a local company making a difference on a national stage! Here was the write up:

Helping Critters out of the pool


Here is a little more local press love!

Local resident creates critter-saving invention


The last one, we promise. We love this because they called it life-saving! We agree!

Maine Technology Institute

So proud that Maine Technology Institute believed in our pool saving device so much, they provided initial seed funding. (click to see the full version of the image).

Senate of Maine - Critter Skimmer


It was amazing to catch the attention of one of our State Senators! Congratulating us on our business! It was all about the eco-friendly product!


YES, this is an actual photo of a chipmunk!  Even “Alvin” recommends to the homeowners to buy a Critter Skimmer!