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Our Story

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After years of finding frogs either dead or near-dead in my pool skimmer, I just had to find a way to save them without having goofy floating devices that were eyesores and got in the way of every day use of the pool.

So in the summer of 2007 I went into my workshop and carved out the first Critter Skimmer and popped it into my pool skimmer.

From that day on, during my morning ritual of coffee-drinking and skimmer-checking, I never found any dead frogs. Occasionally, I found a frog on the ramp that hadn’t yet found its way to freedom. Most mornings I found nothing, even after it rained. All pool owners have experienced an increase in the number of unwanted visitors after a rain shower.

On one occasion during the prototype production we took the Critter Skimmer out of the pool skimmer and failed to replace it for a 24 hour period. It rained. When I checked the skimmer, there were 29 frogs in the skimmer basket with no means of escape. I realized that I had to share the Critter Skimmer with other pool owners and save frogs from needlessly dying in pool skimmers across America.

Install a Critter Skimmer and save a life!


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